Cookie Mixer Operator, ON, Bakery - Lakeland - Jobs (2024)

Cookie Mixer Operator, ON, Bakery - Lakeland - Jobs (1)


Responsibilities include:

  • Accurately scaling and mixing products
  • Mixing various products, such as dough and/or fillings, following specific formulas and procedures
  • Efficiently operating mixing equipment
  • Maintaining clean equipment in area in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Completing all necessary paperwork required by the position
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

The required qualifications for this position include:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be able to obtain a forklift license and operate a forklift
  • Must be able to push or pull heavy equipment
  • Must possess general knowledge of machine operation
  • Must be able to use creative thinking for troubleshooting
  • Must demonstrate excellent work habits in line with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Must demonstrate safe working habits
  • Must be able to lift in excess of 50 pounds frequently
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Must have good human relations skills (the ability to work well with others and be a team player)
  • Must be able to work any shift, nights, weekends, holidays, and extended hours
  • Must have excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Must be willing to assist other team members in other areas
  • Must be able to perform steady and productive work for an extended period of time
  • Must be able to work efficiently with little or no supervision
  • Must be able to follow detailed written and verbal instructions
  • Must possess basic math skills
  • Must be able to communicate effectively
  • Must show enthusiasm, initiative, and pride in work
  • A commitment to Publix and our mission


  • Employee stock ownership plan that contributes Publix stock to associates each year at no cost
  • An opportunity to purchase additional shares of our privately-held stock
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan
  • Group health, dental and vision plans plan
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Short- and long-term disability insurance
  • Tuition reimbursem*nt
  • Free hot lunches (buffet-style) at facilities with a cafeteria
  • Visit our website to see all of our benefits: Benefits – Jobs (

Year End Bonus

To reward associates for their contributions to the company for the calendar year, Publix provides a Holiday Bonus in November. In the first year of continuous employment the bonus is equal to 15 hours of pay, and in the second year of continuous employment the bonus is equal to one week’s pay if associate remains employed through issue date of the bonus check. In subsequent years, the bonus is equal to two weeks’ pay.

Additional Information

Your application may have additional steps that you will need to complete in order to remain eligible for consideration. Please be sure to monitor your email, including your spam folder, on a daily basis for critical, time-sensitive emails that could require action within 24-48 hours.

Please do not use your Publix email address when applying. Once your application has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation email.

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Cookie Mixer Operator, ON, Bakery - Lakeland - Jobs (2024)


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